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MIPIM Yacht Charter

Sailing Tactics

This site is devoted to sail trim and sailing tactics and will include useful articles for all level of sailor.

Tactics Videos

This year we will add sailing tactics videos to Tacktician. We've been playing with a variety of presentation techniques, narrowing it down to our favourite four, and we'd like you to vote for the style you'd like us to use:
Slick: Scripted Second Life boats in a realistic environment from a variety of camera angles
Funky: Stop Motion animation using floating wooden yachts
Game: Using Sail Simulator or Virtual Skipper (with permission)
Technical: Displaying yachts animated over time on a map

Theory of Sail Shape

Ever wondered how the sails on a yacht really make it shift and how to set the sails to their optimum position?

Mainsheet Trimming

The mainsheet trimmer is arguably the most important person aboard a racing yacht. If the mainsail is not generating power then there is not the slightest chance that the yacht will be in with a chance of winning.

Genoa Trimming

The genoa trimmer should constantly be playing the sheet to get the maximum power from their headsail. In this article we will learn how they do this and what other controls are at their disposal.

Start Line Approaches

In this article we look at the advantages and disadvantages of many different approaches to the start line.